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Useful links


  • The Beginner’s Guide to the NEAR Blockchain This guide is intended to help anyone interested in understanding what NEAR actually is.
  • NEAR Get started Here's a quick overview of essential resources you will use when developing on NEAR.
  • New to NEAR Various concepts explained (hint: navigate with the left panel).
  • Near Blockchain Concepts In this series, you can learn how core concepts of NEAR Protocol fit together and how to observe them through APIs, CLI, and Explorer.
  • Lunch and Learn Video series exploring a concept on the NEAR protocol blockchain discussed in the NEAR office at lunch. Grab a sandwich and settle in!
  • NEAR Core Overview An in-depth code overview of NEAR Runtime.
  • NEAR tutorials
  • NEAR API REST Server NEAR REST API Server is a project that allows you create your own simple REST API server that interacts with the NEAR blockchain.
  • Building a CRUD dApp A CRUD application that walks you through how to build the smart contract and front end for the TODO list web example.





  • Developer FAQ The most common questions for NEAR developers.
  • Wiki NEAR Find tools, connections, and resources to journey through the NEARverse.
  • Common Errors Common Errors raised by the NEAR platform are implemented in the following locations in nearcore.
  • StackOverflow Questions on StackOverflow tagged with "nearprotocol"