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It is extremely difficult to get a project off the ground without funding.

NEAR Foundation Grants

The NEAR Foundation is a non-profit responsible for contracting protocol maintainers, shepherding core governance of the NEAR protocol, and funding projects built on NEAR through grants. The biggest difference between venture capital funding and a grant from the NEAR Foundation is that the Foundation does not take any equity.

Check out NEAR Grants

MOVE Capital

MOVE Capital is a NEAR ecosystem native investment vehicle. MOVE Capital exists to support founders and developers launching products on top of NEAR Protocol and run by the NEAR community. Check out MOVE Capital.

Open Web Collective (OWC)

Open Web Collective (OWC) is a leading Web3 accelerator that connects pre-seed and seed-stage startups with leading investors, mentors, and corporations helping to define the next iteration of the internet.

If you’re a pre-seed or seed-stage Web3 entrepreneur, consider applying for the Open Web Collective accelerator

Web 3 business models

If you’re new to Web3 and want to learn more about specific features like tokenomics, governance, or regulation here are some great resources: